Bitcashier fee credits

What are Bitcashier fee credits?

Bitcashier fee credits (BFEE) are internal tokens that can only be used to pay for trading fees on our exchange. The tokens will be distributed to partners and VIP customers from time to time and cannot be transferred outside the Bitcashier platform.

Bitcashier fee credits (BFEE) are exclusively for the use of the account they have been assigned to, and will automatically lower the fee's of trades.

The Bitcashier fee credits (BFEE) are not redeemable directly and cannot be traded directly for any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency, but only form part to decrease account fee's when trades happen.

If you have a BFEE balance, it is automatically used to pay for any trading fees incurred. BFEE essentially allows you to trade fee-free up to a certain volume.

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