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Bitcashier has expanded its services to encompass the yachting, gaming, private jets, real estate, and luxury goods sectors, enabling secure cryptocurrency transactions and global fiat settlements across these industries.

Some of our top Yachting Partners - Sell, Buy, charter with crypto.

Yachts Invest

Yacht Invest is a prominent yacht brokerage firm specialising in luxury yacht sales, charter, and management services, offering a tailored and professional approach to yachting clients.


Super Yachts Monaco is a premier yachting company renowned for its expertise in luxury yacht sales, charter, and management, catering to the discerning needs of high-end clientele..


Denison is a leading yachting company recognised for its comprehensive services in yacht sales, charter, and management, offering unparalleled expertise and a wide range of luxury vessels.

simpson marine

Asia's leading luxury yacht company, offering sales, charter, management, and exceptional services for yachting enthusiasts.

TBS Boats

A prominent yacht dealership in the UK, renowned for its wide range of new and used boats, exceptional customer service, and maritime expertise.

Verpeka Dolling

A prestigious Monaco-based luxury yacht sales and charter company, led by Nataliya Verpeka and Rob Dolling, offering a portfolio of exquisite superyachts and unparalleled yachting services.

camper & Nicholson

The world's original luxury yachting company, established in 1782, renowned for expertise in yacht sales, purchase, charter, management, and construction.


A prominent yacht sales, charter, and management company led by seasoned sailor Bernard Gallay, offering a personalized, trustworthy, and expert service in the world of luxury yachting.

minted yachts

Levating luxury yachting experiences through innovative services, tailored expertise, and a commitment to redefining the standards of luxury and comfort for yacht owners and enthusiasts.

Ventura Yachts

Setting sail with excellence, Ventura Yacht offers a premium selection of luxury yachts for charter and sale, guided by a deep understanding of yachting preferences.

West Nautical

West Nautical is a top-tier yacht management and charter company, redefining luxury maritime experiences through expert guidance and tailor-made solutions.

cecil wright

Chris Cecil-Wright's firm is founded on prioritising client interests, focusing on exceptional service for a select clientele over the industry's usual pursuit of size, embodying quality over quantity.

iGaming - Play, Bet, Gamble with Crypto.


Digitain, the global iGaming software solutions provider partners with Bitcashier, a leading crypto payment trading platform in order to democratise crypto transactions in the iGaming industry.

Well Treasure

A globally registered broker, trusted by traders across the world and officially recognized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama.

asian logic

A prominent player in the gaming and entertainment industry, driving innovation and excellence throughout Asia's dynamic gaming landscape.


A pioneering mobile casino brand, providing thrilling gaming experiences and innovative entertainment tailored to the modern player's preferences.


A cutting-edge financial technology company specializing in digital payment solutions that redefine the efficiency and security of transactions in today's fast-paced business landscape.


Pioneering seamless digital payment experiences through innovative solutions that bridge the gap between businesses and their financial transactions.

mirai flights

Mirai Flight revolutionises aviation with its cutting-edge service that rapidly calculates the most lucrative flight from 1000 options in just 1.5 seconds.

elite lyfe

Elite Lyfe offers bespoke luxury travel experiences, prioritising personalised service and exclusive access to ensure unforgettable, tailor-made journeys for every client.


Bluemoon, created by yachting experts Peter, Oliver, and Luke, simplifies luxury travel bookings, offering unique experiences for those seeking exceptional journeys.

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