Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum
and other crypto payments

Set up cryptocurrency payments infrastructure, track orders and manage your cryptocurrency earnings in style! Access a fully integrated and versatile platform that allows you to accept Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency payments

Easy steps to selling your high-value goods

Example selling a £250K luxury car

You are selling
a £250K luxury car

You have a buyer for your car, who wants to pay with cryptocurrency. You create an invoice on theBitcashier platform. A link and a QR code are generated.

Give the link or QR
code to your buyer.

Your customer is presented with a list of cryptocurrencies they can use to pay for the car.

Bitcashier creates
payment invoice

Bitcashier calculates the price of the car in the chosen cryptocurrency and provides a payment option for the buyer at a real-time rate. The buyer sends cryptocurrency.

You receive
payment for the car

Get paid in your chosen currency directly to your account.

You Can Use Billing Service
In Various Ways

Simplicity, convenience, swiftness and low service cost make this crypto payment solution fit any business case.

Accept +50
Cryptocurrencies with a single invoice

Settle Funds To Euros,
Bitcoin, Stablecoins &

Build Your Company’s Payment Rails with your Team

Why Accept Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies?

Once you start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ether and others, you’ll be surprised how many advantages crypto payment option poses over conventional payment methods!

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