Bitcashier - an exciting and revolutionary enterprise fintech company -

offering a unique smart-tech, real-time and multi-use B2B
Our Mission
We are a software company, whose mission is to help you trade seamlessly across all platforms, at the best price, every time.

Our Clients
We work with payment processors, card acquirers, high-end goods and services retailers, family offices, wealth managers, funds, and many others.

The Future
Cryptocurrency is here to stay and our innovative and talented B2B development and sales teams will continue to lead the way enabling businesses to access additional revenue streams generated by adopting cryptocurrency.

Our solution is perfect for any business or corporate wishing to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option without the risk of holding the cryptocurrency. Ideal for any institution or management service looking to gain exposure to this exciting and growing asset class.

What We Do
Crypto payment solutions
Bitcashier provides everything you need to start accepting crypto payments easily, securely and legally. Accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, gain new customers, and avoid the cost of high fees and chargebacks. From setup to settlement, Bitcashier makes accepting these payments easy.
Spot trading exchange
Bitcashier offers spot trading via its private exchange. We offer exchange services to fund managers, prop trading desks, hedge funds and banks. Connect electronically to our internal order book or use our interface to start trading.
Liquidity provision
Buy or sell cryptocurrencies pairs. Our software enables liquidity and market access to institutions professional traders, banks, hedge funds and investment houses or any corporate entity that wants to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Our CEO and co-founder introduces Bitcashier

Bitcashier CEO and co-founder, Giles Whitby-Smith, talks about who Bitcashier are and what makes our payment processing software stand out in 60 seconds
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