Who is this service for?

At the moment we do not accept individuals. Our service is aimed at professional traders, hedge funds, banks, family offices and large corporate entities that express an interest in Bitcoin.

What are the benefits of using the trading software on Bitcashier?

We have the deepest liquidity in the crypto industry, due to that we are connected to multiple providers. Our software aggregates all the order books into one unified view and calculates how trades should be executed on various exchanges based on available depth.

What are the benefits of trading on aggregated order books?

When the market gets very busy, many exchanges suffers latency or outright downtime that prevents execution of trades. Our software will always find an active exchange with no downtime and execute any orders. We are connected to exchanges that are not generally accessible to individuals, and can therefore execute trades even when mayor exchanges are down.

How is the exchange rate on Bitcashier different from other exchanges

Our software aggregates all trades, all order books and displays a continuous stream of data, either via our API or via our dashboard. This means that all aggregated order books are available to trade on while our algorithms ensure the best price execution is found for every trades.

What is the actual exchange rate?

There is no one unified exchange rate, because there is no such thing as a price. Prices are made up by either side of the order book, known as Bid and Ask. Trades are then executed between the two sides in order to give a resemblence of the last agreed to market price. The price however swings wildly and can differ by hundreds of USD every single second.

Does the exchange rate change based on volume?

The exchange rate is affected by multiple factors, especially the volume. If the volume is of significant size, either the Bid or Ask side in the order books will be consumed by one large trade, and the average exchange rate will therefore greatly change compared to the last traded price.

Why is the exchange rate different than the last traded price?

Last traded price is a snapshot of a deal between Bid and Ask, based on an arbitrary volume, at a fixed point in time. If someone for example purchases 10 Bitocoin at a given rate, it only means that the Bid and Ask side agreed to such exchange rate at that very specific moment in time, and is based on volume of the trade. The next trade following can have siginificant different exchange rate due to that it might have been traded on a different order book, or due to increased or decreased volume.

How does the software on Bitcashier help me trade more efficient?

By aggregating order books, trading across order books, and combining the order books into one data stream, sequentially going from the best Ask/Bid offer in order to meet a certain volume, offers an unparralel access to any serious trader to have optimized trading strategies not offered by any single exchange.

Does Bitcashier offer an OTC desk?

For large orders, we can offer a personalized OTC desk via Telegram. Please get in touch with us for OTC quotes as we also aggregate OTC quotes and can offer better rates than what most single exchanges can do.

Does Bitcashier offer electronic trading?

Our order books and algorithms are accessible via API connections, and can be used by banks, professional trading desks or large institutions. Our API gives access to electronic execution and can handle thousands of concurrent requests every second. Get in touch with us for more information.

What fiat currencies can be traded on Bitcashier?

We currently offer GBP, USD, EURO and are planning many more fiat currencies to be traded against cryptocurrencies. In addition to offering crypto to fiat trading, we also offer fiat to crypto trading, meaning that our software allows you to place an order denominated in fiat value, as well as a value denominated in cryptocurrency.

What currencies can Bitcashier settle in?

We are always expanding our ability to settle in multiple currencies. We currently only support settlements in EURO and Bitcoin, but are in the near future offering to settle in more currencies.

Does Bitcashier offer futures and options trading?

At the moment we are only offering spot trading between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, as well as spot trading between different cryptocurrencies. Our main instrument for trading is Bitcoin and we offer Bitcoin trading against a variety of fiat currencies. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our service and will in the near future announce on our website if we offer future and option trading.

What companies can sign up?

Any company can sign up anywhere in the world, subject to Bitcashiers on-boarding procedures.
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