Family Office, Wealth Manager, investment Trust

77% of family offices have invested in or are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Of those that have deployed capital already, two-thirds say they will probably increase their crypto holdings over next few years.

Bitcashier offers the following advantages

  • Discretion
  • Regulation
  • Simple Onboarding
  • Best Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Safe Wallets
  • Efficient Execution
  • Free API Integration
  • 24/7 Real-Person Support
  • Zero Monthly Fees
Benefit from access to major exchange order books and beat the market on pricing with Bitcashier’s unique algorithms, typically 3% better pricing than major exchanges

Bitcashier are supervised under European Regulatory Requirements, by The Central Bank of Lithuania and the Financial Crimes Investigation Service. Under this European Compliance, Bitcashier can offer Cryptocurrency exchange services globally.

Simple Onboarding
Onboarding with Bitcashier is easy; we send you a Corporate Account opening form to enable us to perform the standard KYC and AML checks. Onboard just once to gain access to multiple order books across multiple exchanges

Best Pricing
Bitcashier’s unique, market-leading, real-time exchange platform, has access to all major cryptocurrency exchanges and their real-time order books, ensuring your trade will always be executed at the best price available.

Ease to Use
Bitcashier’s simple to use spot trading platform, enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrency safely, securely, and always at the best price.

Safe Wallets
Bitcashier only uses fully insured third-party wallet providers offering the highest encryption, who are fully insured against theft of coins. There is added safety and security by using Bitcashier for your Cryptocurrency transactions. Secure and easy transfers & withdrawals, controlled by you, direct to your chosen bank account

Efficient Execution
Bitcashier’s unique automated real-time pricing feeds plus our  beneficial access to deep liquidity pools and multiple order book,s ensures fast execution and aggressive pricing

Free API integration
Our highly experienced and skilled development team is here to help you with any integrations you may require

24/7 Real-Person Support
 Full Customer support 7 days a week / 365 days a year

No monthly fees
Sign up is totally free and there is absolutely no commitment
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