FX & CFD Liquidity

Best Pricing
Bitcashier’s unique, market-leading, real-time exchange platform, has access to all major cryptocurrency exchanges and their real-time order books, ensuring your trade will always be executed at the best price available

Efficient Execution
Bitcashier’s unique automated real-time pricing feeds plus our  beneficial access to deep liquidity pools and multiple order book,s ensures fast execution and aggressive pricing

Always ON
During times of intense trading activity one or more of the larger exchanges can be suspended. Due to Bitcashier’s multiple API links to all major exchanges, Bitcashier is ‘always on’

Ease to Use
Bitcashier’s simple to use spot trading platform, enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrency safely, securely and always at the best price.

User Friendly
Bitcashier trading platform is user-friendly straightforward and intuitive

Free API integration
Our highly experienced and skilled development team are here to help you with any integrations you may require

24/7 Real-Person Support
Full Customer support 7 days a week / 365 days a year

No monthly fees
Sign up is totally free and there is absolutely no commitment
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