Interview with Craig English (International Sales Director)

As the price of bitcoin continues to remain near all time highs people are taking their gains and using them to purchase yachts, jets, high end autos and real estate. We are not only seeing more transaction volume we are also seeing a trend of cryptocurrency being used to purchase down market. For example smaller, lower cost yachts being purchased with cryptocurrencies than even a year ago.

Interview with Giles Whitby-Smith (CEO)

The exponential growth and interest amongst the under 40’s in cryptocurrency and the adoption of Bitcoin from 2017 onwards as an investment vehicle, led myself and the other co-founders to look at how we could get back to first principles of the original purpose behind crypto (Bitcoin)… namely as a transactional medium which was getting lost as its popularity soared as an investment vehicle.

Riding the Wave: How Cryptocurrency Is Steering the Yachting Industry into New Waters

The allure of the open sea has long captivated the hearts of luxury enthusiasts, but a new tide is rising in the yachting industry, propelled by the digital winds of cryptocurrency. As the profiles of yacht buyers transform, the industry stands at the cusp of a significant evolution. Cryptocurrency is not just reshaping payment methods; it’s redefining the very demographics of luxury ownership.

IYC and Bitcashier Enhance Yachting Transactions with Strategic Cryptocurrency Partnership

Bitcashier, a leader in cryptocurrency payment solutions, has partnered with the prestigious International Yacht Company (IYC) to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions for yacht sales and charter-related services. This collaboration leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance accessibility and security in high-value asset transactions, integrating cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and USDT into the fabric of yachting commerce.

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