Leading cryptocurrency trading platform

Bitcashier platform enables two way exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency.
Bitcashier technical team can add crypto pairs and additional coins on client request
Excellent support and guidance to users of the platform
Full and rapid technical support to assist with API integration
Bitcashier is a UK registered company with 24/7 support capability.
Feature rich front end with simple to use platform features such as last traded prices, your portfolio, order book, charts, market information and much more!

Liquidity services

Buy or sell cryptocurrencies pairs. Our software enables liquidity and market access to institutions professional traders, banks, hedge funds and investment houses or any corporate entity that wants to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Flexible API connectivity

Make thousands of single trades or trade large blocks of orders. Our flexible and easy to integrate API's suits any size of operation and can scale to any requirements.

Your own personal dealing desk

Our trading platform and software gives experienced traders and corporate clients the tools needed to trade in a growing and fast moving market with high speed access through one platform to multiple exchanges. Maximise your investment strategy with Bitcashier.

we are here

Our team is available 24/7 to help you get started and assist you with onboarding and implementation of our API. Contact Bitcashier today to start accessing multiple exchanges through one platform

Leading cryptocurrency trading platform

Benefit from our software order book and liquidity provision. You can trade easily and quickly across multiple major exchanges with Bitcashier’s market leading software to get the best price execution.