Risk Free, Crypto Payment solutions for retailers

  • Join the payment revolution


  • By accepting cryptocurrency your business gains additional revenue RISK FREE


  • Retailer NEVER holds cryptocurrency as payment is always settled fully in cash. Transactions are RISK FREE!


  • Our exciting and versatile payment solution enables retailers and suppliers of goods and services to accept cryptocurrency risk free, legally and as an additional payment option.

Why Use Bitcashier For Crypto Payment Processing?

Fully Insured

Bitcashier is fully insured by Lloyds of London.

Safe Wallets

We use 3rd party wallet providers offering only the highest encryption and who are fully insured against theft of coin.


Supervised and regulated under European Regulatory requirements. We provide Cryptocurrency exchange services globally.

Full Cash Settlement

Retailer does not hold cryptocurrency at any time. Retailer receives full cash price for product or services RISK FREE

No Monthly Fees

Sign up is totally free and there is no commitment.

Easy Steps To Selling Your High-End Goods


You are selling a £250K luxury car

You have a buyer for your car.
They want to pay in cryptocurrency.
You create an invoice on the Bitcashier platform.
A link and a QR code are generated.


Provide link or QR code to your buyer.

Your customer is presented with a list of cryptocurrencies that they can use to pay for the car.


Bitcashier creates a payment invoice

Bitcashier calculates the price of the car in the chosen cryptocurrency and provides a payment option for the buyer at a real-time rate. The buyer sends cryptocurrency.


You receive payment

Your car is sold.
You receive full value in your chosen currency paid directly to your account.

Our COO and co-founder explains why crypto is the future of payments.

Learn how processing crypto can benefit your business and why crypto payments are the future…
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