About Bitcashier

Established in 2019, Bitcashier is at the forefront of fintech innovation, streamlining cryptocurrency transactions for optimal efficiency and security. We offer a robust solution for businesses seeking to embrace crypto payments without the associated risks.

With a commitment to privacy and utilizing advanced chain analysis, Bitcashier ensures client transactions are safe and seamless. Our global team of experts is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fintech, making Bitcashier a trusted partner in the digital currency space.

Our Mission

Bridging The
Technology Gap

Bitcashier facilitates easy crypto acceptance for businesses, filling the technology gap in cross-border payments.


With advanced APIs and plugins, Bitcashier ensures secure, compliant cryptocurrency transactions and fiat exchanges.


Bitcashier merges traditional finance with digital innovation, offering real-time solutions for crypto exchange and payment across global platforms.

Our founders

Giles Whitby-Smith - CEO

With a background as an investment banker in London, Giles Whitby-Smith combines his extensive knowledge of financial instruments and a prosperous entrepreneurial track record to lead Bitcashier as a co-founder.

Marc Dominic - CTO

Marc brings over 12 years of experience in Software Architecture, with a deep specialisation in Blockchain development and technology. An early investor in Bitcoin, Marc's expertise and foresight have been pivotal in shaping Bitcashier's cutting-edge technology landscape.

Our dedicated team

The Bitcashier team is comprised of over 20 dedicated professionals, committed to serving you around the clock, every day of the week.

With a strong presence in the UK, Europe, India, Asia, and the US, we pride ourselves on being a truly global force. United in our mission, we’re set to transform fintech and streamline financial transactions worldwide!

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